With coding and algorithms children learn 21st century skills like how to look at problems using different perspectives, to think systematically and creatively, and to offer shortest solutions for problems.

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Kodris - The Easiest Way to Learn Coding

We believe that coding could be taught as early as possible in order to contribute to the ever-developing world of computer sciences and software. When you start to teach coding to your students at an early age, they will get them multidirectional thinking, determination, analytical and critical thinking skills as well as problem solving and creativity. For these reasons, every student must have access to computer sciences.

Thanks to Kodris

Even if the teachers do not have experience in teaching coding, they will be able to offer a good education to their students thanks to the game-based coding learning platform, Kodris. Teachers will have access to various online and classroom activities for students through the 'Teacher Guide' available in Kodris. In this detailed guide you will find several examples you can use during class as well as the solutions of certain tasks available in Kodris. In addition, the 'Instructor Panel' available in Kodris will help you keep track of the progress of your students and the solutions they have found for the tasks.

Game-Based Learning

The students try to complete the tasks by collecting the foods that appear on the screen with the help of our cute characters in the Kodris platform. Allies of the main characters appear in some of the task scenes and enemies appear in some others and they affect the task-completion process of the characters. In our game-based learning platform Kodris, the solution of each task is automatically controlled and scored by the 'Three Stars' application. According to this application, students who reach the true answer in the shortest way earn three stars. Teachers can use the instructor's panel to check how many stars the students have earned from which tasks.

A Platform That Works Integratedly with the Code and Block Modes

There are two modes that your students can use to solve tasks. In the Code mode, students produce their own solutions by performing actual coding. When using the Code mode, the block sequence related to the corresponding algorithm is automatically generated by the system under the block mode tab. When the students create the necessary algorithm in Block mode, the corresponding actual code is generated automatically by the system under the code mode tab. In this way, your students will learn the loops, variables, functions, conditions and many other features of Phyton language.

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