Kodris Review by Erem Birkan


Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

We were introduced to Kodris through RoboRave International robotics competition last year. We were given a thirty-day free trial which we used with my students at “Academy at Larragoite”, a digital school in Santa Fe Public School District.  We used the sixth grade through eighth grade curriculum with approximately ten students. At our school, we have been teaching coding to our students using C++, Arduino and Python programming languages. The primary reason for us to choose Kodris, was that it has great interactive scenes with simultaneous block and text coding, which I believe is the most outstanding feature of Kodris. This synchronized block and text coding makes learning Python easier and enjoyable for students.  They are able to visualize how the code works instantaneously. They are able to learn Python in simple steps and by trial and error.  My students loved working on the engaging tasks with the Kodris characters; it was more like playing a game for them. We all know that students learn better when they are having fun! As educators, we also liked that it is an online program which allows teachers to make class lists, track student progress and evaluate their understanding.  The Kodris curriculum is from first grade through ninth grade, teaching all programming concepts and topics. We are eagerly awaiting the high school curriculum which is under development and expected to be online the summer of 2021. I’d like to congratulate Kodris for writing such an educating, engaging and highly effective program.

I highly recommend Kodris to all educators.

Erem Birkan

Math, Scientific Technologies and Robotics Teacher




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