F.A.Q. About Kodris

What is Kodris?
Kodris is an online platform that is designed to teach coding to students at primary and secondary schools. The platform hosts two types of users as; 'teacher' and 'student'. When you log in as a student, you will be directed to the scenes where you have to complete the tasks. When you log in as a teacher, you can create classrooms for your students by using the teacher's screen. You can see the levels of your students in the classrooms you have created. You can see the level at which your students have completed the tasks according to the 'Three Stars' application available in Kodris.
For which age group is Kodris platform suitable for?
While the platform has been desgined for primary, secondary and high school students, no age is too early or late to learn coding.
Do I need to download or install an application to use the Kodris platform?
To use the Kodris platform, it is enough for you to have a computer with internet connection. There is no need to download or install any application.
What are the topics covered in Kodris coding training?
Think like a computer, Algorithm, Objects and Movements, Loop, Conditional Expressions if, Conditional Expressions if else, Conditional Expressions if elseif else, Boolean values, Arrays, Variables, For loop, Parameters, Repeat loop, While loop, Functions, Comparisons, Modules , Dictionaries, Debugging, Database
What are the specifications to be on my computer for running Kodris?
If you use desktop or laptop computers to connect to Kodris, what you need is to connect to Kodris web address using a current web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Safari). If you are using a tablet to connect to Kodris, we recommend using tablets that have been purchased over the past two years for best performance.
What are the new content-features you are planning to publish within the scope of the Kodris platform?
To teach our students effectively coding, new tasks will be continuously added. For our members who have an active membership, there is a game builder (scene designer) that enables them to develop new task scenes.
Who developed the Kodris platform?
It was developed by a team of a leading expert and young staff consisting of educational technologists, computer teachers, software developers and graphic designers under the consultancy of the relevant department heads of universities.
Can I run Kodris on mobile platforms, too? (Tablet etc.)
The Kodris platform has been developed to be mobile compatible for use in tablets as well. You can work with high performance using the tablets purchased in the last two years.
What coding language will I learn with Kodris?
We will teach to our students new to coding the 'Phyton' language, which is widely used today, and has an easy to understand syntax. In this way, they will be able to develop many types of software and the and the software which is developed by them will be able to work independently from the platform.
Is there a foreign language support on Kodris platform?
The Kodris platform will soon offer foreign language support.

Questions in Use Phase

What should I do to start to use kodris?
You can reach the kodris studio platform by clicking the start encoding button from kodris.com address. In our first mission stage, the codes required for our character rabbit to reach the carrots get ready. You can complete the task by clicking the Run button. After the task is completed, you can access new tasks with 'Next Scene' option.
Can I use the Kodris platform even if I don't know anything about coding?
When you start using kodris, you don't need any pre-knowledge about coding, because our goal is to teach coding for beginners as well. You will be able to reach all the information you need in the Kodris.
Where can I learn the features of the characters on the Kodris platform?
The Kodris help page contains the names, pictures and basic features of all of our characters. You can see the features of the characters you are trying to complete their tasks by looking at the help page.
Where can I find out what the commands are used for?
In the teacher guide we have prepared for our teachers, there is detailed information about what all the commands in the codris are used for. If you want to get more information, we have a table in the kodris help page showing what all of our commands are used for.
What is the meaning of the stars earned after completing the tasks? (What is the 'Three Star Application' used for?)
It is an application in the kodris platform aiming to teach your students not only coding but teaching it in the best way, which is prepared for this purpose. Your students should write the commands they have written in the shortest way possible. They should avoid from unnecessary repetitions and going through solutions using the long path. According to the results of the task solutions, if your students can make the solution in the most appropriate way we specified, they earn three stars. When attempting to reach a solution, they receive two or one star for the solutions implemented except for the shortest path. In order to use this application, you need to access the teacher screen in the kodris platform when you log in as a teacher. Using the teacher screen, you can see which task your students have completed at what level.
What should I do to proceed among tasks?
When you complete a task, you can end the task by clicking the 'Run' button. If the encoding is done correctly, you can proceed by clicking the "Next Scene" option that will enable you to move on to the next task. As you complete the tasks, you can move on to the next task, meaning that you cannot move on to the next task by skipping the incomplete task. You can reach the tips for the solution by clicking on the codris character thus you can get help with the tasks you are having difficulty with.
What are Block Mode and Code Mode? What is it used for?
While teaching students the coding, two modes working simultaneously are used. Thanks to the block mode, students can use the commands they have chosen from the lower left corner appropriate to the stage. Because they work synchronously, by switching to code mode, they can see the form in written coding of commands created in block mode. In the same way, you can also see the block form of the commands created in code mode by switching to block mode. For beginners, we recommend using block mode.
Can I move on to the next task if I have a difficulty on a task and can't get a solution?
No, because our tasks are in succession, the transition to another task without completing a task is not possible. When the tasks are completed, the next scene can be moved on by clicking the "Next Scene" button.
What should I do to get a tip about the solution?
In Kodris platform you can get information about the task solution by clicking on the codris character in the lower right corner of our task stage. The Kodris character will help you with the tips for solution.
I can't move on after the 30th screen in the tasks on the site, why?
The first 30 scenes of the kodris platform that we have prepared for our students and teachers are published on our site free of charge for all our users to try. To be able to see the tasks after the 30th stage, you need to purchase them.
How can I calculate how many steps a character should proceed on the screen?
Our scenes in kodris are composed of frames. You can calculate the amount the character needs to proceed by counting the squares from the scene.
Can I turn off the background sound when completing tasks?
It is not necessary to have the background sound turned on when completing tasks in the kodris platform. Using it with background sound, however, provides focusing on completing tasks. To turn off the background sound, it is enough to click the settings button and turn off the background sound. You can change the background sound level from the same tab instead of turning it off completely.

Questions on the Use of Teachers

Can I use Kodris to teach coding even though I've never had experience before?
In order to enable them to have no problems while teaching coding, there is a teacher guide prepared for our teachers in the kodris platform. Thanks to this guide, you will be able to reach the explanations about the subject to be covered in the course beforehand. In the guide, there are some explanations on the subject, sample activities that can be applied in the course and solutions to some tasks.
What are the tools you have prepared for the teachers that will help during the course?
Thanks to the teacher guide we have prepared, you will have the opportunity to lay the groundwork for the subject to be covered in the course. In our guide, there are explanations about the subject to be covered in the course. There are also exemplary activities that you can apply in the classroom and sample homeworks that can be assigned at the end of the course. In addition to this, we have an online support service where you can ask your questions directly.
What should I do to create a private class for my class students in Kodris?
When you log in as a teacher, you can use the teacher screen to create a class for your students and enroll them to the class you created. You can also monitor the levels of your class by using this screen
How do I access the trial version special for teachers?
If you log in as a teacher during your registration for trial version, you will have a teacher account opened in your name. When you log in using this account, you will have teacher privileges that you can use in the kodris platform. With these privileges, you can create classes and access the first 30 tasks with the class you create. You can also access the teacher guide prepared specially for you for the first 30 tasks. There is a 30-day time limitation for the teacher trial version.
How many scenes are available in kodris according to your curriculum?
In our curriculum, which was prepared as it would cover all subjects and approved by Ankara University, there are more than 20 subjects and the number of scenes which changes favorably according to every level.
How can I access the solutions of the tasks in Kodris?
In order to reach the solutions of the tasks, you must register as a teacher in the system. After your organisation purchase it following the registration, you can access the solutions of all tasks from the platform. In our solutions, you can see the forms of correct answers prepared according to code and block mode.
What should I do to remove a student I've added to my class?
You can use the teacher panel to remove the students you have added to the class you created using the teacher screen.
What should I do to get a private membership to my own school?
You can contact us by clicking on the 'Get Quotation' button on the main page of our site and by entering the necessary information about your school for getting a private membership and detailed information.

Questions in the Purchase Process

What should I do to become a member of Kodris platform?
You can get membership by clicking 'Sign Up' button on our homepage and fill out the necessary information.
How can I make a purchase?
For individual purchases, you can purchase it by clicking the 'Buy Now' button on our homepage and making online payment. For corporate purchases, you can contact us by clicking on the 'Get Quotation' button on the homepage of our site and entering the necessary information about your school. You will be tendered as soon as possible.
What ways can I use to pay the membership fee?
You can make your payment by credit card or by wire transfer. You need to contact us for corporate subscription payments.
Is it safe to pay by credit card?
All platform including our payment page is protected by 256-bit ssl data encryption security technology. In addition, in the last phase of credit card purchases in our system, the payment stage, the user is led to the payment page of the bank he/she selects. This page opens in a new window and the user shares all the information requested on this page directly with the relevant bank. kodris.com uses '3D SECURE' technology, which is considered today's highest security technology in credit card purchases. In this way, the user only shares his credit card information with the bank of his choice and makes his payment via the 'secure payment infrastructure at the bank level.'
Where can I find out the end date of my membership?
After logging in to our site, you can see your membership end date in your membership information.